About Us

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Expert Service By Apple Certified Technicians


the MacClinic is northwest Arizona's ONLY service center staffed with Apple certified technicians.  We have been providing service to the Apple community for over 35 years and have operated Apple authorized dealerships and service centers in Chicago, Las Vegas and Sedona in addition to our current location in Kingman, Arizona.  the MacClinic can perform a full range of non-warranty repair and support services.

Hardware & Software Expertise

Bob is the hardware expert capable of repairing virtually any type of electronic equipment including both Apple and Windows based computers, mobile devices like tablets and smart phones, as well as office equipment, audio gear or just about anything else housing electronic components.  Angele’s specialization is software troubleshooting that includes a working knowledge of every version of the Macintosh operating system plus the iPhone and iPad iOS together with a wide variety of both old and new software applications. Bob and Angele are both Apple certified technicians.

iPhone Repair
Personalized Services

A small shop translates into personalized service. Our customers are not just numbers to us, and our primary job is not selling you new equipment.  So why make an appointment to stand in line at a corporate store just to be told they can't or won't help you?  Whether you are a novice or power user; have the latest tech gadgets or vintage equipment; whether you need a new computer setup, repair, upgrade or just some advice, we can help.